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Hey There

I'm Mini, aka, The Mad Hattress.

Welcome to my little art project. I've always been a passionately creative person. Ever since before I can remember I was off in my own immagination painting, crafting, doodling... Art has always left me feeling whole. So how did this passion project come to be you ask?  Well, Let me tell you. 

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My Story

It all started one evening after a cheeky glass of wine and an itch for creativity that had to be scratched. After rummaging through my things for inspiration, I pulled out a hat from my tickle trunk. I  begun cutting up a chunky lace dress I was most likely never gonna wear again, and the floral embroidery patches off a body suite that just gave me a wedgie anyway. I wasn't sure where I was going with it exactly, but I knew it was gonna involve a glue gun, some sparkles and another glass of wine. By the time the hat was finished, I had sacrificed: the dress, the bodysuit, the hat, a decorative flower that in all fairness was just collecting dust, several pieces of jewelry (including an owl necklace I really liked but I needed to complete the look) and LOTS of glue stick. 


Totally worth it!  I wore my up cycled hat at Bass Coast that year and got soooo many compliments and inquiries about where I'd gotten THAT HAT!! And voila, the lightbulb moment. "I should make these and sell them." And so I did. I really wanted to cary on with the up-cycled theme; you know... for the planet. But also, it was a part of what made it so special. I go thrifting and cruise the buy and sells for hats materials and jewlery, I've even found a company that resells old marching band hats which is pretty cool. The concept is that each piece is created with something old, transformed into  somthing new, and made to be one of a kind. 

I'm not sure where Mad Hattress Sublime Creations is headed, all I know is I  find great enjoyment in making these hats and sharing them with other free spirits such as yourself.



For shipping outside of BC and any other inquiries, please get in touch via email at or through instagram.

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